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What is included in the daily price of the house rental?


The full use of the house and staff that work there which will include maids and cooks in most cases

What deposit do I need to pay to secure the House


The deposit is 50% of the total cost of the house to be paid on booking and the balance is payable 3 weeks prior to occupation

If the house does not have a cook can you arrange one for us?


Yes a cook can be arranged at a cost of Ksh 1000/-  a day

What do I do about food and drink How do I get to the supermarket and buy groceries


We can open an account at the supermarket for you and arrange to have your first few meals worth of groceries delivered to your house prior to your arrival, so long as we have  a definitive list given to us 3 days prior to your arrival date . You can arrange to have further food delivered via the supermarket or just hop in a Tuk Tuk to go to the supermarket yourself

Can you get fresh seafood at the house?


Yes , seafood can be delivered to the house by the local fisherman. There is a large variety including , Fish such as Red and White Snapper and Tuna. Lobster, Prawns, Calamari and Crabs.


How can we get around Watamu if we do not have a car?


There are local car Hire companies we can put you in touch with or you can just use the local taxis and Tuk Tuks that are readily available. There are also Motorbike taxis know as boda-bodas which you can use.

Why do you need tickets to access the Marine Park?


The Watamu Marine Park runs the length of Turtle Bay beach from the Mouth of Mida Creek in the South, to the headland dividing Turtle Bay Beach in the North.  The reef is the Eastern boundary.  There is No Fishing of any kind in the Marine Park and Dogs are allowed by owners must be in control of them and have a lead.  It is not necessary to have a ticket to swim in the park but wearing goggles/masks in the park is seen as snorkeling and tickets are required.  Day tickets can be purchased at the KWS offices.

When is the best time for fishing and can you arrange this?


Deep-sea fishing is possible all the year round but from Watamu between the months of July and April. Sailfish run between October and March and the Best time for Marlin is between the middle of January and the end of March. We can arrange these trips and cost vary depending upon the time of year.

What is the difference between Marine Reserve and Marine Park?


Mida Creek is designated Marine Park, and as such traditional forms of fishing are allowed here – tickets should be purchased at KWS if in the Marine Park or Reserve.

What do I do about tipping?


In the houses, tips are discretionary – staff are paid for an 8 hour day so any extra hours required on your holiday should be reflected in their tip.  A tip recommendation is put in your welcome pack on arrival.

What can the cook at the house make?


This will vary from house to house but most houses have a list of dishes that the cook can cook well without instruction.

Where can I change money?


We are lucky now in Watamu to have several banks, the majority of whom can change currency or help to get money off a credit card (a passport may be required).  There are also several ATMs that amongst them do accept all major credit cards.

Can you organize snorkeling trips


Yes we can and the best way if you are a large group is for us to hire the boat on an exclusive basis for you. Costs vary depending on whether you wish to just do snorkeling or add on a Dolphin Safari afterwards

What are the dangers of catching Malaria?


Watamu and the Kenyan Coast in general is a Malaria area.  Do take the risk of Malaria seriously and take the right medicine for you and your children.  Use mosquito repellent and spray inside your nets before going to bed.  Remember that the mosquito that gives you Malaria has to have bitten someone with Malaria in order to transfer it to you, so the places to be most vigilant are bars and restaurants outside where the greatest variety of people meet.  Symptoms of Malaria can take 2 weeks to a year after a bite to emerge.  If you are worried at all the Doctor in Watamu (042 2332046) can get the Laboratory Technician to do a blood test which will tell you within 20 minutes whether or not you have Malaria and recommend the right course of treatment.

Can you organize creek-fishing trips


Yes these can be arranged and can be great fun especially for children

Can you organize diving trips.


We recommend the long established dive school, Aqua Ventures who operate out of Ocean Sports Hotel.

Can we hire Bicycles.


Aqua Ventures also hire bikes and Canoes and also  organize bike safaris .

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