Blue Marmalade is the new supermarket in Watamu - just next to the WPS/DiscoverWatamu Offices.  They have been up and running since November 2015 and are going from strength to strength finding new and interesting items to attract our guests.

They stock a range of things you may need from delicious local cheeses, to imported necessities like branded sauces and cereals.

The bakery / delicatessan section has just been introduced and includes daily deliveries of baked goodies, sometimes baguettes, sometimes croissants or pizza slices, and fresh cooked items like muffins, sausage rolls, mini-quiches can be found.

In addition to foods - Blue Marmalade has a wide range of household goods as well as stationery and of course wines and spirits.

DiscoverWatamu and Blue Marmalade have made an arrangement whereby you can send your grocery list and for a small transport fee Blue Marmalade will deliver to your DiscoverWatamu home ready for your arrival.  To ensure they have what you want please place your order a minimum of three days in advance.  To place your order